2017 Palmer Renovation Update

"The road to success is always under construction"
- Arnold Palmer

The following is an overview of our project on the Palmer renovation which began on
April 10. We have been consulting with The Palmer Design team since early May on the
scope of this project and they have had an increased role in the re-design from that
point forward. There wish, as is ours, is to elevate the Palmer course too todays
expectations using some of the core fundamentals from the original design 30 plus
years ago but with a more modernized architectural look and feel.


To date we have built 9 Green complexes (6-14) and have found the old original shape
of all of them! On the top putting grade, we have introduced slight percentage of
slope changes to holes 6, 7, and 13 with a little more emphasis on this philosophy on
holes 8, 9, and 12 and a complete change on 10, 11 and 14. The Greens putting
surfaces thus far should add a challenging yet fair set up for day to day play.


We are nearing completion of 9 holes of Bunkers (6-14), with these being the greatest
change from years past. Our goal has been to modernize all the bunkers in design and
sight lines, yet keeping them fair and playable. The sight lines from Tee, to landing areas,
to Green have improved dramatically along with the relationship the Bunkers have to
the Green around each complex. An improvement instantly recognized!


The main goal in our re-grassing of the Fairways to Celebration Turf grass has been to
improve sight lines from the Tee while incorporating more of the mounding on the
outsides of the Fairways. To date, we have increased the acreage on 9 holes of
Fairways by 2.5 acres, while improving the sight line for ball flight entering the Fairway
from the Tee.


We have focused on the addition of multiple playing decks on each of the 9 holes we
are currently building, while addressing the lack of drop areas on holes like 7 and 14.
The individual tee decks have increased from an average of about 4 per hole to 6. The
additions have added multiple options for distance on each individual hole.