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PGA National Estate Course


Matt Denzer, Senior Leadbetter Certified Instructor

1 On this relatively short par four, an aggressive drive will leave you with a short iron approach. Be sure to pay close attention to your putts on this green as it is tilted severely from back to front.

2 Another shorter par four. The key on this hole is to position your tee shot on the left center of the fairway. Any tee shot too far left or right will find trouble.

3 This is one of the toughest par three’s on the course. This hole requires a solid long iron or hybrid depending on the wind. Short in the fairway is not a bad play as it leaves an uphill pitch to the green.

4 This most difficult driving hole on the course. Be sure to take your time as a good drive will be rewarded. Any shots to the right will find thick trees. Club selection on your second shot will also be crucial to find the correct tier on the green.

5 Don’t be lured into a false sense of hope on this short par five. Plenty of trouble awaits if you are not careful. Keep your drive left as water sneaks in down the right hand side. From here the bold will face a long shot over the water to the green. The safe play is to the left, but will require a third shot over water.

6 On this dogleg to the right stay more left off the tee than it appears. This will leave you with a short iron over the water to a fairly shallow green. Two good shots here should leave you with a nice attempt at a birdie.

7 The key on this challenging hole will be your drive. A well-played draw at the right bunker is ideal. Keep in mind there is more room left than you might think from the tee. The green here is quite deep so pay close attention to the pin position as it can make a three club difference.

8 On this straight forward par three the key will be club selection. Make a good swing and you will be rewarded.

9 The front nine closes with a true three-shot par five. Position your tee shot in play and then be sure to lay up short of the water on your second. Take plenty of club to avoid the water short of the green on your third. Walking away with a five here is a good accomplishment.

10 Don’t be fooled. There is plenty of trouble on this short par three. Pay close attention to the wind as club selection is the key here, short or long will find a bunker. Three is a very good score.

11 This is a great scoring opportunity. A good drive down the right center of the fairway will leave you a short iron approach to a relatively flat green.

12 A wonderful slight dogleg to the left. Another slight draw off the tee is the best strategy. Take one extra club on your approach to avoid the bunker short.

13 This hole can play much shorter with an aggressive drive down the right-hand side, but beware of the out of bounds. A good drive should leave you a short iron approach and another good shot at birdie.

14 The best looking par three on the course, but don’t let your eyes wander to the water or bunkers. On the green pay very close attention to slope as many putts break more than you may originally think.

15 On this par five keep your drive right of the bunkers down the left. If you do go too far left you may be blocked out by the trees. Keep in mind your ideal layup distance and you should have a nice short iron approach for your third.

16 The key to this par four is to avoid the water on the right. A good drive anywhere down the left center will leave you with a short to mid-iron approach.

17 This is a hole for the bold, step back and give it all you can as a good drive on this slightly downhill hole will leave you very near the green. Attack this flat green with a short iron and a birdie will be quite possible.

18 A wonderful closing hole. On this par five be sure to keep your drive to the left as out of bounds sneaks up on the right. With a good drive the long hitter will have a chance to reach the green in two. Make your birdie here to complete your day!