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Celebrity Favorite Facial Spa Treatments:  HydraFacial™ Comes to The Spa at PGA National

The Spa at PGA National is pleased to offer the HydraFacial™ in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida as part of their expansive treatment menu offering.  Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Adrienne Maloof, Evan Rachel Wood, Kate Winslet, Marie Osmond, Brittany Snow and Amy Poehler use the HydraFacial™

This facial treatment gives spa-guests the result they’ve always wanted- skin that’s glowing and most importantly, skin that’s healthy.  The spa team of close to 100 is thrilled to now offer such a widely requested and effective treatment.
“I’m really excited to offer this cutting edge technology to our local and resort guests.  Imagine instant radiance and hydrated skin in just 30 minutes with the Hydra Facial Treatment.”  Says Cecilia Tate, Spa Manager.

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HydraFacial™ MD Treatments

HydraFacial™ is an advanced medical-grade skin care treatment that targets fine lines and wrinkles; congested, oily and acne prone skin; rosacea and hyper pigmentation. It softens the appearance of large pores, improves skin texture and tone, and helps to repair existing sun damage. Recommended for all skin types.

The HydraFacial™

The HydraFacial™ resurfacing procedure thoroughly cares for your skin, providing cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and hydration all while Vortex-Fusing™ antioxidants, peptides, and Hyaluronic acid. The HydraFacial™ is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that delivers instant results with no discomfort or downtime. The procedure is soothing, moisturizing, non-irritating and immediately effective.

Experience Vortex-Fusion®

Each treatment uses a series of HydroPeel® tips – each one has multiple peeling edges to exfoliate the skin several tiems each pass, achieving better, more even results. The unique spiral design creates a vortex effect to easily dislodge and remove impurities while simultaneously introducing hydrating skin solutions with potent antioxidants.


Booster HydraFacial™
25 Minutes / $150

This treatment offers the perfect skin care solution for the time-challenged, by bathing the skin in rich antioxidants and deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid. It starts with deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation, followed by painless extractions, and ends with a burst of hydration.

50 Minutes / $220

A customizable, rejuvenating skin resurfacing treatment that immediately reduces the look of lines, wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation, congested pores and uneven skin tone on the face and neck. This facial also includes LED light therapy, leaving you to experience truly exquisite results.

Deluxe HydraFacial™
75 Minutes / $350

An invigorating treatment that includes all the luxurious essentials of the HydraFacial™ for your face, neck and dѐcoletѐ. It begins with Lymphatic Drainage therapy to initiate the detoxification process. Then, the HydraFacial™ deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates the skin. This treatment also includes Multi-Peptide Dermabuilder™ to address fine lines and wrinkles followed by LED light therapy.

$45 Each

DermaBuilder - 15% Glycolic Peel - Lymphatic Drainage - Dѐcolletѐ

Series of 6 Treatments
25 Minutes / $720 ($180 savings)
50 Minutes / $1,050 ($270 savings)
75 Minutes / $1,680 ($420 savings)

See our full HydraFacial™ menu for packages and pricing:

HydraFacial™ Menu