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PGA Resort Events

Big Game Sunday at iBAR

February 1, 2015

4:00pm - 10:00pm
We are offering up some irresistible appetizers and drink specials for you to enjoy at iBAR at our BIG FOOTBALL GAME WATCH PARTY. Free t-shirts from Budweiser are first come, first served while supplies last.

Play off Cocktails - $10 each

  • Marshawn's Mudslide - Sobieski Vodka, Kahlua, Kerrygold Irish Cream
  • Patriots' Punch - Sammy's Beach Bar Rum, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Grenadine, Banana Liqueur
  • Carroll's Cosmo - Sobieski Vodka, Jeremiah Weed, Lemonade, Lemon Twist 
Beer Specials
  • Special Draft - $4
  • 16oz Bud Light - $5
  • 16oz Budweiser - $5
  • 3 for $12
Appetizer Specials - $10 each
  • Wings platter
  • Nachos platter
  • Quesadillas platter
  • Personal Size Pizzas (Cheese or Pepperoni)

Big Break Season Premier Party

February 2, 2015


PGA National Resort & Spa is honored to have been chosen to host the 23rd season of Big Break The Palm Beach, FL. Be sure to join us, February 2nd at 8:00pm in BAR91 foru our "The Big Break Season Premiere Party".

Watch with us every Monday night as the drama unfolds as these very talented contestants take on what have been called one of the toughest tracks in Big Break history! While it's free to join we please ask that you RSVP. For more information check out our page on Eventbrite.


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