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Palm Beach Gardens Catering

For the best catering in Palm Beach Gardens look no further than PGA National Resort. Choose from delectable, prepared menu selections, or speak to our executive chef about custom-catered options. Whether it’s for 10 or several hundred guests, our highly skilled culinary team will help you pull off an event to remember!

Catering Policies

Menu Selections

To assure your menu selections will be available, we ask that menus be finalized no later than four weeks prior to the event. Meal guarantees are required 72 hours prior to your function or 3 working days, should your event fall on a weekend. Once given, the number is not subject to reduction should fewer guests than expected attend.

The hotel is pleased to set 5% over the guarantee for events with less than 100 guests, 3% for events with more that 100 guests. If the guarantee is not provided, the expected number listed on your Banquet Event Order will become the guarantee. Should attendance exceed the overset, a $10.00 per person, plus 25% additional charge above the meal price, will apply.

No alcoholic beverages or any food, whether purchased or catered, may be brought into PGA Resort from outside sources. To ensure the safety of our guests, food may not be removed from any function room.

Special Dietary Requirements

Please advise your Catering & Conference Services Manager in advance of any special dietary requirements. A limited number of vegetarian entrees will be available at all events, and guests need to advise their server upon seating of their particular request.

Bartenders, Chef & Attendant Fees

Bartenders are available at a charge of $185.00 an hour. Bartender fees are subject to the current 25% service charge. Chef attendants are $185.00 per chef, per station.

For action stations, we recommended 1 chef for every 50 guests per 2-hour period. Chef and attendant fees are subject to the current 25% service charge. We recommend 1 buffet for every 75 to 100 guests. Your Catering & Conference Services Manager will be able to advise you as to the best number of buffets and chefs necessary for your function.

Outdoor Events & Guidelines

A service fee of $5 per person will be added for all outdoor events. In the best interest of your guests, the resort reserves the right to relocate an event indoors. This decision will be based on weather conditions obtained from the National Weather Service and will be made at 1:00 PM for evening events.

Music at outdoor locations must be played at reasonable levels and must conclude at 10:00 PM. PGA Resort has minimal lighting outdoors. After 6:00 PM, lighting may be necessary at an additional charge.

Unless otherwise specified, seating will be at 72’’ round tables with a maximum of 10 people each. Seating arrangements of six people or less per table will be subject to an additional labor charge.

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Additional Logistics & Policies

Questions about catering your event with PGA National? We’re here to help. Contact a member of our Catering & Conference Service Team directly at events@pgaresort.com or 561.227.2558, and they will be happy to answer any questions about the unique needs of your meeting or event. Plus, find our more general information about our logistics and policies, such as AV services, loading, shipping, and signage.