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Logistics & Policies

From audiovisual services to signage, here are some of the PGA National logistics and policies you should be aware of for your next great gathering. Best of all, our team of certified event planners and caterers in Palm Beach County is here to ensure every detail is executed to perfection!


Audiovisual Services

A complete line of modern multimedia support is available through Encore, our in-house audiovisual department. Your Catering & Conference Service Manager will be happy to assist you or you may contact them directly at 561.622.7404. We have an exclusive agreement with Encore to provide all audio-visual equipment, technical services, labor, and support.

To protect the quality and integrity of our in-house systems, outside audiovisual companies are not permitted to directly patch into our house sound system. Microphones and any other equipment patched into our house system must be rented through Encore.

Outside audiovisual companies are not permitted to hang any equipment from the in-house fly points or other structural supports built into the facility without contracting Encore. Encore will qualify and perform all rigging services in the hotel. A fee will be charged for the use of facility supports at a rate of $175 per hang point per day. Applicable rigging hardware, motors, lifts, qualified labor and miscellaneous accessories are to be provided by Encore and billed at prevailing rates.

Insurance regulations do not allow PGA National to provide usage of any internal equipment, and recommends that you make arrangements with a rental company should you require a scissor lift or ladder(s).

Load In/Load Out

A hotel supervisor will be required to supervise the load-in and load-out of your event at the prevailing rate of $50.00 per hour between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM, and $75.00 per hour between 7:00 PM and 7:00 AM. Any lifts or other heavy equipment must have visqueen and/or plywood beneath it if used inside of a ballroom.

Shipping & Receiving

PGA National Resort & Spa has limited storage space for client packages. For large shipments, your Catering & Conference Service Manager will arrange for drayage service. For smaller shipments, please label your packages clearly with your name and the name of the conference or event, along with the dates of the conference or event. Please do not send packages more than one week prior to your arrival date.

Handling fees are charged at $10.00 per package under 50 pounds and $20.00 per package under 150 pounds. Pallets are charged at $150.00 each.


We request that all signs be professionally printed and approved by the Resort. Your Catering & Conference Service Manager will assist you in determining appropriate locations for signage. No signs are permitted in the lobby or any public areas.

Banners, posters or signs are not to be fastened or hung from walls or doors. Tape may not be used on walls or any furniture. Nails, screws or staples may not be used to fasten anything to any riser, stage, floor, ceiling or wall. Encore will hang all banners, based on prevailing rates.