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The Story

The Schwimmer’s

We absolutely loved everything about the experience and definitely recommend it to others.  As I'm sure you can agree, these types of events are never quote "perfect" but it was as close to perfection as we could have hoped for.

Before we decided upon the PGA, the bride and I researched several places before we discovered the PGA.  Once we went on site and talked with Anna and her staff, we were sold.   My son and his new wife were very involved and decisions were made by the four of us with my new daughter-in-law (whom we love) and me assuming the primary roles.

This was my first wedding event (outside of my own many years ago) and I really enjoyed coordinating it with Anna. Being a novice and also detailed oriented, I asked zillions of questions and prepared months in advance to mitigate the risk of any surprises.  She was very patient with me.  The week that we spent there was unbelievable!  I'm looking forward to returning there some day - just for a vacation and to remember such a happy time that all of our guests had and we had with them as well.  Anna is a true professional and loaded with great ideas, if you are interested in hearing them and I was!  I gave her an idea about what type of wedding we wanted to have, the number of guests and an approximate budget.  She was able to provide insights into options that accommodated our budget and were even better than we had expected.

We found the service in the resort to be excellent and the concierge was outstanding, very friendly and attentive.  During the reception and dinner, we did pay for extra servers and that worked out extremely well for us.

There were no surprises when I received the final bills except to say that one was lower than I had planned for but I didn't argue with that.
~ The Schwimmer’s